Thursday, February 18, 2010

Must Be United (Harus Bersatu) by Pandji

I've asked a lot of people. Lots of people love football. A lot of them who love football, love the Indonesia national team. A lot of them who have faith in the Indonesian national team.. But.. Many of them are also calling for a change.. Fundamental changes in the world of football Indonesia.. The changes that have occurred in the green field, to inspire change in the field outside the.. One change that seems a lot of real returns is expected.

Football returns to the same spirit as the first we've ever felt.. The spirit of unity, spirit of togetherness.. Football should be a unifier and not a breaker.. Too many physical conflicts that occur in the realm of football.. Too long we let it happen, too long we do not decide to change

Below is my contribution to the work of a football club representing the change.. This team is not a big team, not the superior team, but this team is the team that brought a change.. Slowly but surely, this team will be better developed, along with improving expectations football lovers in Indonesia to changes in the quality of football Indonesia

The team is now based in Jogjakarta as one of the melting pot in Indonesia which is open to diversity and change.

Learn about this club, and find out why this such football group is an appropriate ambassador to bring change in the world of football Indonesia.

Download the Mp3 here!

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